Club Planning

Club Planning

Strategic Planning


Club should set goals as to what direction the club wants to head and how it is going to reach these goals over a period of time using the SMART principle. The best way to do this is to create a 3 - 5 year Strategic Plan, which is supported by yearly business plans and timelines.

The benefits include:

  • It sets the direction of the club

  • May address issues that your club is having in identifying opportunities of growth and development

  • It’s a management tool

  • It brings order to the hectic and time consuming business of running your club

  • It prioritises goals and ideas - some are more important than others

  • It is a marketing tool

  • It tells others what the club stands for – your values. And helps to attract like-minded people

  • Encourages others to get involved

  • Provides you with a means to measure the performance of the club

  • Keeps you on track and helps identify why some things didn’t work

Club AGM's

The requirements for when to hold your club's AGM should be noted in your club's constitution and will also include additional information as to who can vote and how many are required to attend.

The purpose of an AGM is to:

  • Comply with legislative requirements

  • Present the financial accounts to the members

  • Report to the members on the activities of the club

  • Ensure Committee rotation happens in an orderly manner

  • Consider and vote on rule changes and recommendations

  • Consider any other topics as required by the club rules

  • Appointment of an auditor (if required)

  • Provide the members with an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback to the Committee

We ask that clubs forward their annual report, AGM minutes and contact details for their new committee Ben Mesisca.
For more tips on how to run your AGM please use this document.


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Committee Support

To build on what the previous committee has done and ensuring your club is moving forward, it is important to provide important information and support to those joining the Committee for the first time. Therefore, don’t waste the first six months of their time working out ‘what’ has to be done and ‘how’.


This can be done by providing them with:

  • The opportunity to talk to the Club President and the person who held their position previously

  • Provide them with a Club Committee Manual which contains information on the club and what is expected of them

  • A position description for their role

  • A working timeline outlining what they have to do when and how often

  • A meeting with a Sports Development Officer of AU Sport

Tool kit documents have been created for you to manipulate to best suit your club. Due to the size and activities of some clubs, the information for those clubs will be more comprehensive than others. Make these documents easy to maintain from year to year.


Blacks Facts: Committee inductions
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Sport Australia: Sport Governance Principles 2020

Constitutions and Policies

A Constitution and club policies govern the way a club can and should operate. It sets the ground rules for how and when key decisions can be made. Any changes to your club Constitution need to be approved by us before being put to a vote at your club's ‘Annual General Meeting’ or ‘Special Meeting’ where a set number of members attending need to approve any changes (as defined by your club's consitution). 

Club Policies should be used to build on the rules that are set in your Constitution. Policies can be changed at Committee level and should be communicated to all members and those who will be impacted by them. Clubs are reminded to check their State Sporting Organisations policies as well as our policies to see if and how they will impact on their own club rules and procedures. 

Many of our policies may be suitable for clubs to adopt in their current form or clubs can request copies to adapt for their use.



Office for Recreation and Sport Resources
Consumer and Business Services information
If updating your constitution, you will need to log your changes HERE