Tanunda Part 1 – June Long Weekend – Friday 8th to Monday 11th June

Tanunda Part 1 – June Long Weekend – Friday 8th to Monday 11th June

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Tanunda Part 1
By Tam Walker

Friday night saw the majority of basketballers arrive at the Brauhaus in Tanunda to get their rooms sorted and have a few ‘quiet’ beverages. While all seemed fairly civilised when I left after dinner, I have a feeling a few more beverages were enjoyed late into the evening. The much anticipated Bra - Kebbie ‘Maple’ Brown and Scrote - David ‘Linsanity’ Linn - were informed of their duties in preparation for the next day, both doing a top job for the weekend keeping all the balls in the bags.

Saturday morning was game time and AUBC took over the courts for the day with mixed results. It was noticed a few dedicated souls managed to get a few hours study done which was impressive over the weekend – I could never do it!

The AUBC Originals, featuring our very own Super Coach Tuz, Turtle’s husband Doris, and some superstars of the past with Lummox (JV), Snake-eyes (Gav), Turbo (Bruce), Chopper (Simmo), BC (Coop), Whitty (Geoff – ironic?), as well as some new blood with Luke and Ethan (JV Jnr), were one of the first teams playing at 10.50am in pool 1 for the B-grade men. A slow start cost the old boys early but they got back as close as 3, only to fall short in game 1 to Notty for President, the final margin 58-47. The highlight for most being JV and Ethan ‘JVJ’ Valentine on the court together in AUBC colours. The old fellas had to back it up at 3pm taking on the eventual Grand Final winners in Uni SA who proved too sharp, the OG’s (Original Griffins – thanks Q) taking a hefty loss 70-41, poor Whitty copping an unnecessary barrage from the opposition supporters.

The C-grade women were also on at 10.50am with Jess ‘Simon’ Gianquitto, Elese ‘Wooly’ Wolstencroft, Jess ‘Westie’ Westhorp, Emma ‘Eastie’ Westhorp, Johanna ‘Joey’ Westhorp, Kirsty ‘Rusty’ Tanner, Kate ‘Skywalker’ Hamilee and Yas ‘Tardy’ Gill. Our girls were up against some tough opposition in the Cork Dorks who were the eventual runner’s ups for the Tournament. Rusty continued her Tanunda form and had to do numerous push ups, the girls going down 35-17. The C-women then had to face the eventual grand final winners in Uni SA at 3pm in an even tougher match up, losing 50-18.

At 11.40am the B-grade men from pool 2 were up, with Baby J, TJ, Priesty, JR, Wenz, Mega, C-Money, and Scott ‘Cricket bat’ Stanton (get it the SS cricket bat….). The boys put in a great effort but just like the C-women, JR was building a house brick by brick (although that’s better than air balls and push ups I guess), and the boys lost to the B-Grade tournament runners up in Richie the Goat, the final margin 53-46. The B-men’s second game was at 3.50pm against Average Joes, our men going down agonisingly by 1 point in a low scoring affair, the end result 36-35.

The Wise Wenz led A-Grade men were raring to go at 11.40am, taking on Jungle Boogie with Haz ‘Hazmat’ Minear, Bobo, Bobby, Tim ‘Stormy’ Summers, Zac ‘S.O.S’ Lovell (son of super), Q-Dog, Josh ‘Hops’ Warnock, and Daniel ‘Sticks’ Sintic. This was a tight tussle all game with neither team able to break free, our boys finding something extra at the end to pull away, winning 49-43. The A-men made it two from two in their second game at 4.40pm, taking on the eventual tournament winners in The Real Spin Shady and coming out winners 61-54.

After lunch our A-women took on Flinders Uni at 1.20pm. With myself Turtle (Tam), Baby Huey (Laura), Eager Beaver (Dani), Rex (Lex), Dusty (Jaz), S-Frangers (Stacey), Hail Storm (Hayley) and the eagerly awaited return of our ‘lucky charm’ (Bronii). The girls took to the court and had control all game, despite a few air balls and missed layups, we came up winners with a 41-24 margin. The A-women’s second game for the day was against the Scorpions at 5.30pm, continuing our earlier good form winning 56-34.

Our B-women took to the court for their first game at 2.10pm, with Maple, Chloe ‘Matrix’ Anderson, Roxy ‘Shotz’ Wen, Liz ‘Salty’ Salter, Zoe ‘The Human Highlight Reel’ Harrison, Cill ‘Queen’ Stanton, Adrienne ‘Rocky’ Worrell and Maddi ‘Madz’ Veitch. The ladies worked hard but found it tough against the Scorpions who chose to play a full court trap against them – something they didn’t show again for the rest of the tournament! Our girls eventually losing 36-18. The B-women’s second game was at 5.30pm against Flinders Uni, with a tight turn around the girls couldn’t stick with Flinders, going down 46-34 in a spirited effort.