Tanunda Part 2 – June Long Weekend – Friday 8th to Monday 11th June

Tanunda Part 2 – June Long Weekend – Friday 8th to Monday 11th June

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Tanunda Part 2
By Tam Walker

In what would have been the longest day of their lives the C-men finally got on the court at 5.30pm facing the longest name of the tournament in ‘Somethings Tingling…someone Pick’d my Pop’! The boys didn’t disappoint in their long-awaited game stealing a 2 point win to finish off a pretty successful day for Adelaide Uni thanks to Droopy, Linsanity, Atbin ‘Sacrifice’ Yeganeh, Henry ‘Hairy’ Doyle, Anthony ‘Gasol’ Thompson, and Varvs for his one and only appearance for the weekend. One of the highlights of the game being the coaching prowess of Stormy, Bobby and Hazmat which saw Linsanity subbed on for 20 seconds and then subbed off again much to the amusement of onlookers.

With the games done, the oldies headed back to the caravan park to argue whether there were theme nights in their day and to reminisce about old times. Meanwhile the younger brigade put in a stella effort off the court late into the evening after the tournament organised night out at ‘The Clubhouse’. For some maybe their off-court flair was better than what they showed on the court! The traditional letters were attached to new tournament goers foreheads, some may have had more than one, Linsanity was lucky to have a little extra markings making him quite a sight for the night. Rex didn’t appreciate the suggestion she wasn’t very strong so challenged Sticks to an arm wrestle, Rex continuing the girls success, winning in style as expected! Shotz enjoyed her night helping herself to any shots that were bought or poured, whether they were hers or not! A decision I think she might have regretted in the days to follow….Some travellers found a secret room and may have taken a horse home with them, a horse that would surely star the following day at the stadium.

First games on Sunday were the two B-grade teams at 10.50am, where the AUBC originals finally got a win on the board against the Outlaws winning 39-32. The B-grade men going down however, 44-37 against the Moonshiners. By default both B-grade teams earn't a spot in the Quarter Finals at 4.40pm, the OGs playing the Moonshiners and getting the win 41-36 earning the right to a semi-final game Monday morning. The B-grade men however came up short against Notty for President, losing 64-59, continuing the streak of close losses, knocking them out of the tournament with no game to play Monday.

At 11.40am the C-men took on Roxby Downs, having to play out the tournament with 5 players from here on in. Unfortunately they couldn’t pick up another win, losing all three games on Sunday, with one at 2.10pm against Best End and again at 5.30pm against the Stonecutters. Despite finishing with the same points as the other contenders the boys missed out on a finals berth based on percentage making the 5.30pm game their last for the tournament. Hairy shining however with 2 long bomb 3’s from mid court exciting the crowd.

The Women’s A/B grade saw Adelaide Uni play Adelaide Uni again, again...Thankfully the games brought some amusing moments, the first game at 12.30pm witnessed The Human Highlight Reel throwing down an assisted dunk for the ages. With some clever scoring by Hairy and Linsantity, the A-grade women managed to scrounge out an unofficial 2-point win….Hops took the initiative against Super Coach Tuz with a cunning plan and emptied his bench onto the court taking the A-women by surprise. Of special note it was great to see Thommo out there with her little bump supporting us – looking forward to hearing some Thommo Jnr news shortly, and eagerly anticipating her return to the Blacks whenever that might be.

The C-grade Women took to the court at 3pm taking on the Moonshiners but unfortunately in a low scoring affair they lost the game 21-10. In their second game for the day at 6.20pm the C-women put in a great effort but also bowed out of the tournament going down 29-22 against the Slam Duds. These ladies battled hard all weekend coming up against many teams that shouldn’t have been in the C-grade.

At 6.20pm it was time for the second A/B women showdown which was known more for it’s ‘horsing’ around with the club’s newest mascot making an appearance on the court. Firstly, the mare played some great defence and set some ripper screens until the Scorpions seized the moment and galloped the horse out the stadium! Thankfully the virgins recovered the horse but due to their lapse in concentration, the horse was then carried around the court, meaning the B-women again had all 7 girls in the game. Things only got confusing from there as people swapped tops and teams and all of a sudden JVJ and Joshina (Hops) found their way on the court. The A-women were lucky to escape with 2-point win. The result of this game saw both AUBC women’s teams go into Grand Finals on Monday. The A’s heading into the A final against the Scorpions and the B ladies going into the B final against Flinders University.