Tanunda Part 3 – June Long Weekend – Friday 8th to Monday 11th June

Tanunda Part 3 – June Long Weekend – Friday 8th to Monday 11th June

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Tanunda Part 3
By Tam Walker

The A-grade men suited up at 1.20pm and in another close game managed to beat The Imports 52-49. In their second game for the day and the last game for Sunday night the A-men had a tough semi-final at 7.10pm, losing 43-38 after being up all game they just couldn’t stop The Real Spin Shady knocking down 3’s and saw a spot in the Grand Final slip from their hands in the last few minutes. The Real Spin Shady going on to win the As Grand Final against The Imports on Monday. Comically in the dying minutes Doris yelled out ‘keep going hard Zac’ and Super coach Tuz chimed in with ‘come on ref there were 3 fouls in that’ to which the ump turned and said ‘come on you have been drinking and cheering all day get out the stadium’ and threw Doris out! We believe she may have had the wrong bald headed drinking cheering supporter kicked out…even Doris’s daughter asking if Dad got kicked out because he was bald! Luckily some pizzas had arrived during the game to fill the bellies and line the stomachs in preparation of a big night. Sunday night was theme night. The night centred around the celebration of our new ‘10 years of Tanunda’ veterans in C-Money (Chris McMichael – also known as Sea-Monkey), Mega (Richard Medhurst) and Westie (Jess Westhorp). It was also initiation night, inducting the virgins to the Tanunda club.

The girls had a Mad Hatters theme for Westie, who loves a good tea party, all wearing some lovely hats one of the highlights being Shotz with shot glasses stuck to her hat and a ping pong ball – if you missed you drank! I think she may have had a few too many of her own shots (again) as 2 drinks saw young Roxy Shotz done for the night and after visiting the toilet Shotz was parked on some chairs so the girls could keep an eye on her.

The boys on the other hand were a little more sneaky, convincing C-Money and Mega that it was a cross dressing theme…little did they know the other boys were actually planning a bogan night! C-Money and Mega certainly glamourized the night looking STUNNING in their outfits.

Late ceremonies saw the Veterans receive their 10 year cups, and what could be a record, 13 Virgins initiated, who first had to watch Dusty do the longest can shoot in history of can shoots….frivolities continued late into the night ultimately leaving fire extinguishers scattered around and Hairy giving Hazmat a hair cut by the toilet under the light of a mobile phone…as you do….it must have been a big night with the police arriving early the next morning after receiving some complaints during the night. This lead to AUBC’s second dressing down for the weekend after the earlier horse incident.

Monday was finals day and the AUBC contingent packed up their accommodation, cleared up any issues with the police thanks to some smooth talking by Wenz, suggesting ‘Oh you know how it is, it got away from a few of the young lads…’ and dragged their sore heads to the stadium for a day of tough finals and loud supporting.

The AUBC Originals played at 10am in a hard-fought semi-final against Richie the GOAT leading for all but the final 4 seconds before falling short on the last play of the game losing 46-44.

At midday the A-men won their 3rd place playoff coming away with an inspiring 47-45 win. The A-men were challenged all game and responded, SOS having a stand out game. Ultimately their win-loss record of 4-1 was superior to the eventual winners.

The B-women played a ripper game at 2pm turning around their minor round game by beating Flinders 42-37. The end result much closer than most of the game where they were out by as much as 18 but as was the trend with most of the tournament, some big 3s got Flinders kind of back into it. Shotz, the star of the show, managing to play the game despite having to come off the court numerous times to drive the porcelain bus.

The A-women then played the last game of the tournament meeting the Scorpions in the A grade Grand Final. Due to a weekend of excess, Dusty was unable to participate in the game, despite her best attempts to be ready by hiding and eating a whole pizza that morning. The game was tight early, but we continued to run and blew the score out on the back of some nice shooting by S-Frangers winning 47-25. Bronski proving to be the lucky charm in bringing the big beer mug back to the AUBC women. Luckily we were given a spare as Dani did what only Dani can do, breaking her beer mug before leaving the car park!

As always it was a fantastic weekend, with some awesome basketball on the court and some memorable moments off the court. I think I speak for most when I say we can’t wait for next year! Big thanks to Madz and the Blacks committee for organising helping make it all happen.

Go Blacks!