Division 2 Women- Round 13 vs Uni SA at Titanium - Winners 34-28

Division 2 Women- Round 13 vs Uni SA at Titanium - Winners 34-28

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Maddi Veitch

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This week was a special one for the Div 2 Women’s Team as we headed for another 8:15pm start at Titanium Stadium. We faced (our potential future teammates) University of South Australia for the second time this season, whom sit comfortably on the latter tied for first place. We walked in with revenge on our mind as we reflected on the 3 point loss against this team in the second round after leading for most of the game. That was also the game I went 1 for 8 from the free-throw line (inserts meme by Tuz), so it’s safe to say I had personal vengeance too. More importantly, this was our last game of the season as this unit of 7, as Zoe is the first to hop the pond at the end of the week and then I head back towards Canada at the end of the month. Not only did we have fire in our eyes, we had full hearts heading onto the court for the last time together.

The first few minutes of play saw us give full effort, playing great defense with high energy- unfortunately we weren’t able to reward ourselves on the other end of the court as quarter time saw us up 6-2, a low scoring quarter for both teams. Second quarter Ella and Liz came in clutch once again hitting those mid range jumpers on both transition and in our half court offense. Maddi was (as usual) a huge presence in the paint on both ends, collecting rebounds and getting nice little put backs.

We continued our lead, up by 1 point heading into half time. We were playing our best basketball of the season and genuinely having fun. While riding a bit of a halftime high, Richard reminded us of last game (inserts my free-throw PTSD) and the tendency of our opponents to keep it close till about 3 quarter time and then out hustle for the final frame. He was more than happy keeping his glasses on his face this game and not “nicely placing them on the floor” out of frustration!

The second half showed more defensive stops, but this time we were also rewarding ourselves in offense, with Zoe hitting more than a few nice little jumpers. Tash played her best game of the season, jumping on rebounds and deflecting passes with quick hands. I credit a lot of our ability to stay focused on her great energy (she had a 9am final exam the next day so it might have been all of her stress coming out).

The fourth quarter proved the game was up for grabs. Both teams were a bit concerned by the unpredictable calls made by the refs- luckily it ended up working out in our favour as we got some questionable calls our way (side note: Mads you need to work on your poker face when the ref says the ball was out on the other team). Foxy Roxy came in and collected arguably the biggest rebound of the game and hit a nice outlet to Zoe on transition, who was able to run the floor to execute an easy fast break basket. The game was still within reach at this point, but this started the momentum that got us ahead 9 points with just 3 minutes left- you’re a beast Foxy! Chloe once again provided veteran wisdom in the final stretch of the game; reminding us to slow it down and not panic with the ball. She’s still limited to two minutes per quarter, but her knowledge of the game is a huge asset on the bench while still providing some valuable minutes on the court.

The game ended with a final score of 34-28; a huge win for the Blacks. I hit all my free throws for the game, so thankfully can leave Australia with some dignity restored. All-in-all, we couldn’t have asked for a better game to end our time as a team of 7. Richard is now taking on official duty as part-coach-part-facebook live video taper so I can tune in from Canada :)

We shared more than a few laughs after the game (sorry to the mens game that basically had to play around us on the court!) and it was a great way to finish off… other than the post game workout climbing those endless stairs out of the stadium!

To the div 2 team: thank you so much for allowing me to play on your team this season, keep playing your heart out and most importantly: remember to have fun! xx

Love, Kebbie