Division 1 Men- Round 14 vs Woodville at Pt Ad - Winners 91-41

Division 1 Men- Round 14 vs Woodville at Pt Ad - Winners 91-41

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Maddi Veitch

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With a Uni SA team pulling out of Div 1 it felt like deja vu coming back to the same stadium to play the same team we had beaten (by 30) the week before. However Woodville had some top players (Cam Wilson and Chris Clark) coming back from injuries so the challenge was made tougher.

With me (Tim) still sitting out recovering from a hamstring injury, Haz would again get the team blazing out to a hot start hitting a nice jumper. Josh quickly followed with a 3 ball and after a couple more buckets Woodville had to burn a timeout early down 0-9.

Out of the timeout, Woodville continued to turn the ball over off some fantastic defence anchored by Cam and Bobby. Ending the half on a strong note with fast break lay ups by Josh and Bobby giving us a 23-9 lead at the quarter.

Would history repeat itself? Would we play another solid team game? The second quarter is where we had to fight to make the Warriors think they had no chance of winning.

Warriors started strong...for us, with yet another turnover and Toby finally getting on the board making them pay with a 3 ball. A couple of nice assists from Harry got the team rolling, but Woodville were not going down without somewhat of a fight. After making 2 lay ups, they were able to get their groove back with most of their scoring coming from the inside. After scoring 10 points in 4 minutes, Cam was able to weather the storm with a nice up and under move making it 38-23. The score was then tied for a number of minutes until Bobo was able to get it to Josh for a nice jumper finishing the half 40-23.

How would the Warriors respond? Was there any chance to get back in this game? Short answer, no. Long Answer, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Cam and Bobby had defence on lockdown, calling out screens and both getting into position to draw offensive fouls in the first 2 defensive possessions of the quarter. The frustration built from Woodville's end as they struggled to get back in transition with Bobo running the lanes and getting another nice assist to Josh. With a 46-23 lead, our defence turned it up a notch, again forcing more bad shots and more turnovers which resulted in 4 vs 2, 3 vs1 and 4 vs 3 fast breaks each resulting in a score. Woodville called another timeout now looking at a 53-25 deficit.

With great team boxing out, Lachie was able to grab board after board, starting the fast break and keeping the tempo high the whole game. With 2 minutes to go, Harry was able to hit a nice contested lay up, putting us up 60-32 which was the score at three quarter time.

Josh continued his hot streak with 2FT and a 3 to start the fourth quarter. Toby wanted some of the limelight himself, following with a 3 of his own and before you could say sacrifice, the score had blown out 73-34. Warriors continued to slow down but we wanted to keep the pace up running at every opportunity. With 3 minutes to go Woodville looked ready for the game to be over. Getting sloppy with their defence, Bobby and Harry were able to hit open jumpers and Toby, Bobo and Josh were able to get easy offensive rebounds. Josh continued his absolute tear on the game, hitting a couple more 3's in the dying moments, finishing with a whopping 37 points, resulting in an even bigger win than last week with a final score of 91-41.

By Tim Summers