Division 1 Women- Round 17 vs West at Pt Adelaide - Winners 106-86

Division 1 Women- Round 17 vs West at Pt Adelaide - Winners 106-86

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Maddi Veitch

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With a depleted women’s group, all of our teams went into this week with 5 players. Our opposition in West on the other hand lined up with 10! It was always going to be tough with 5, but it was important not to get too many early fouls…despite being told this by Super Coach Tuz, as well as reminding ourselves many times, with a foul happy referee and foul happy team it was not a good mix!

As seems to be our trend, we again got out to a handy lead on the back of some fast-paced basketball that had everyone puffing, up 17-7 at the end of the first. Unfortunately, the umpire was on a foul calling rampage early, calling 13 fouls in the first quarter, our favourite Pokemon Evie picking up 3 putting her in a dangerous battle. To add to our woes, Hail Storm Haylz had popped a calf 3 minutes into the game, thankfully she battled on playing an important role in the game.

In the second quarter things got interesting. Our favourite Pokemon was flying, cashing in on 18 points, but another two fouls saw her out of the game with 4 minutes still to play in the half. Now down a Pokemon and an injured Haylz we certainly had a challenge ahead of us. Luckily we held a lead of 43-31 at the half. Big shout out to Thommo who had come out to watch and had to hop onto the score bench to help us out in the second half – it was much appreciated!

With Stacey ‘Pogba’ Fraceschinis and Jazzy ‘Dusty’ Moyle running riot in the third hitting 12 and 17 respectively we managed to hold tight up 77-55 at three-quarter time. At this time our men were well and truly warmed up on the other court, waiting anxiously to get on the court as our game continued to stall with foul after foul being called. Any contact was a foul and after battling hard Haylz now also fouled out with 2 minutes left in the third. Down to 3, I don’t think I have ever puffed so much in a game, needing to remove my mouth guard for the rest of the quarter just to breath!

With some soul searching at three-quarter time and a handy lead in our hands we went out in the fourth quarter with 3 players and a mountain to climb. Having not really done much myself other than staying out of foul trouble, sitting with 10 points, I needed to get involved in a big way. The 3 of us worked hard, scoring one end and keeping them at bay at the other, puffing hard and calves tightening our resilience to fight on was inspiring, if I do say so myself! The fouls continued to rain, and Pogba fouls out with 4 minutes to play, but not before helping us to a 93-78 lead. Big positive for all the running Super Coach Tuz has had us doing, Jazzy and I still managed to out run 5 West players, getting steals, turnovers, rebounds and open court layups…I still can’t believe it…in the last minute the 6th West player also fouled out meaning it was 4 v 2 to finish the game. All the stars aligned and I even managed to close out the game with a half court 3 point shot for a giant 106-86 win.
Hail Storm Haylz huge despite her early calf injury finishing with 4, our favourite Pokemon got a quick fire 18 even with her early exit, Pogba was a star all game at both ends of the floor hitting 24, Dusty was lion hearted with her 25, and with a 25 point last quarter, including 16 foul shots, I accumulated 35 in one of the strangest games I have ever been involved in, 8 players fouling out and a total of 57 fouls for the game! The Blacks getting the double, with our Blacks div 1 men managing a 91-75 win.

To top the week off, despite being down to 5 players in all 3 teams the women’s squad managed 3 from 3 wins this week! Go Blacks!

By Tam Walker