Division 2 Men- Round 19 vs United at Marion - Winners 60-59

Division 2 Men- Round 19 vs United at Marion - Winners 60-59

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After starting the winter season well winning the first 4 games, the div 2 men have endured a 14-game losing streak... However poor training attendance seemed to pay off as we ended the Linter season!

Going up against second placed United was always going to be a challenge. We came out ready to play as Scotty "Vanilla Cream" hit a couple quick corner jumpers to helped us get out to a 10-8 lead at quarter time. However, quarter time saw some trouble as injury-plagued Dan “D-Rose” told us we were meant to be wearing whites and so United got a 20-point lead. The boys quickly put their whites on, but the points stayed up.

United were missing their big fella and Tony "Pizza Boy" went beast mode and dominated United in the paint playing his best game of the season, while Jared “lefty” hit a big 3 helping us finish the quarter with United leading 40-24.

The third quarter saw the boys play the best quarter we’ve played in a very long time as we were determined to show United the extra 20 points wouldn’t help. Quang “Calvin” drove to the lane drawing multiple and 1s like his visa depended on it! We out scored United 6 points to 20 leaving us down by only 2 heading into the final quarter.

The last quarter saw the umpires eager to call fouls as Pizza Boy headed to the bench on an unlucky call with 55 seconds to go and us down 54-55. Kaiser came out of the TO firing and got back to the line as JR “Tom Brady” and myself “Curry” asked why Lefty was on the bench as we soon found Lefty had also fouled out 5 minutes earlier and we only had 4 left. Kelly hit the first free throw and United got the rebound and managed to convert putting us down 57-55 with 30 seconds to go. Enter Tom Brady. Pulls up hits a 3. To give us a 1 point lead with 20 seconds to go. Playing D with only 4 cost us, as United managed to get a big offensive rebound and score giving them a 1 point lead with 4.5 seconds to go. We called a time out and advanced the ball, Curry in bounded the ball as Vanilla Cream set a big screen to get Calvin the ball as he drove, missed his shot but managed to draw a foul as the siren sounded. Kelly stepped up to the line, channelled his inner Kobe and was clutch hitting both free throws to give us the 1 point win (should have been 21…) and end the Linnter season!

By Simran Bedi