Division 2 Women- Round 19 vs Magic @ Pasadena - Winners 48-10

Division 2 Women- Round 19 vs Magic @ Pasadena - Winners 48-10

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Maddi Veitch

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With the inconsistent efforts of last weeks game behind us, the Blacks came out ready to re-establish themselves and take on Western Magic. We were missing Yas from a delayed flight & Tuz was running late from his own game, so Aly stepped in with gorgeous little Lachie to coach.

While Elese was disappointed she couldn’t get a sugar fix from the closed canteen, Jess W was clearly buzzing from some lollies she must’ve snuck in before arriving. Proving that size is no issue, Jess W dominated the rebounds early; racking up the o-board stats (and field goal attempts!) and helping us get off to a quick lead. At the other end of the floor Kate was equally active around the rim; battling hard for position and preventing them from getting second looks in offence. We ran the floor together in transition well, but having not played together all year the girls weren’t quite accustomed to my (bad) habit of looking to pass when I’m in position to shoot and were caught off guard a few times by the ball ending up in their hands and not in the ring! Coming off a back injury and relishing the feeling of running pain free, I took the opportunity to pressure their guards up the floor; resulting in some easy steals and helping keep them to just 2 points in the first quarter.

As we adjusted to each others games our offence started flowing more effectively; Elese and Kate particularly making some great reads and cutting to the open lanes. However, it was Jess G who took control of the second period; draining almost every shot attempt she made from the elbow. Her 8 point run pushing out the margin to give us a comfortable lead at the end of the half.

Heading into the third we were determined to increase the defensive pressure and suddenly the whole game opened up. Cil & Jess G used their length to their advantage denying the ball & closing out well while Kate, Elese, Jess W and I persisted in harassing their guards.

With so many steals under our belts we continued running transition well as a team which saw everyone contribute to the score sheet. Elese impressing when she went coast to coast; schooling them more than once with a euro step and lay-up at the front of the rim. With the sugar still in her system, Jess W showcased the perfect give and go; pushing the ball up the wing & cutting hard to receive the ball back for some easy buckets. I hit a couple of midrange jump shots as did Cil, while Jess G & Kate both added to our lead with some handy put-backs.

Our intensity paid off and we kept them to just 3 points; ending the 3rd with a 38-10 lead. With our pressure maintained we kept them scoreless for the final period, finishing the game 48-10.

A league ahead of how we had played the week before and a great consistent effort from all at both ends of the floor.

Well done ladies!

Go Blacks!

By Lexi Atkins