Division 1 Women - Round 20 vs Centrals @ Pt Adelaide - Winners 71-66

Division 1 Women - Round 20 vs Centrals @ Pt Adelaide - Winners 71-66

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The Blacks Div 1 Ladies and Men’s teams headed West this week to play at Port Adelaide at the same time, playing Centrals and Uni SA respectively. The Blacks made a stance early by taking over the far court to warm up before our games with gusto.

The Blacks ladies started slowly this week compared to previous weeks setting up a tight tussle with the Lions. We finished the first quarter up 17-13 thanks to a nice 3 by Stacey “Bouncy“ (insert vision of Pamela Anderson from Baywatch….aka CJ…) Franceschinis.

The second quarter was a real arm wrestle as both teams struggled to get into a scoring rhythm, but we managed to keep the status quo, up 30-25 at the half, thanks to another duo of big 3s by CJ.

In the third we knew we needed to dig deep and play some better defence to keep our lead. Unfortunately, a few brain fades in defence meant Centrals took the ascendency taking the lead, up 44-40. Thankfully Jas ‘Dusty’ Moyle had a purple patch, knocking a quickfire 5 points, to help us stay toe to toe, but Centrals also kept their score ticking away, up 50-49 at three-quarter time.

After a quiet start, our favourite Pokemon Evie came out from her Pokeball with some real intensity, knocking down our first 6 points in the final quarter. Despite the Pokemon’s blistering start, Centrals still managed to increase their lead, up 60-55 half way through the last. With perfect timing though, the Men had finished their game, smashing Uni SA 81-61, Toby ‘Buzz’ Lightheart finding range with a whopping 35 points, including five 3 pointers. No wonder I couldn’t hit a jumper, he stole all my powers! The boys were awesome on and off the court, coming across and cheering hard for us, their encouragement lifting the Blacks ladies as we went on a rampage; Eager Beaver Dan and CJ hitting a couple of big buckets, followed by another sweet 3 by CJ putting us up 63-62 with 2 minutes to go. I managed to beat the 24 second clock with a banked 3 off a baseline ball, the score 66-64 with a minute to play, they tied the game at 66 each before CJ hit a foul shot to put us up by 1. The last 30 seconds came down to foul shots. Centrals missing theirs and Evie and I closed out the game hitting 4/4 to win 71-66. Shout out to Thommo and Chloe ‘Matrix’ Anderson for coming out to cheer us on!

Eager Beaver Dani was HUGE on the boards all night, unfortunately she couldn’t quite capitalise on every opportunity, finishing the game with an important 9 points. Baby Huey Laura worked hard for 4 points, unfortunately the Centrals coach rode the umpires all night calling ‘3 seconds’ for which she got done for on multiple occasions. I almost cost us a Tech, suggesting he was umpiring the game for them….Lexi ‘Rex’ Atkins played with confidence scoring 6 and controlling the point with poise when required, Adrienne ‘Rocky’ Worrell played an important role making Centrals earn every point while scoring 2 points of her own along with 5 fouls, Pokemon and Dusty had 10, I managed 9 (also known as a donut in Super Coach Tuz’s eyes…thanks Tuz) and CJ was on fire all game finishing with an impressive 21 points.

With plenty of improvement to be made we look forward to taking on Forestville next week.

Go Blacks!
By Tam Walker