Division 1 Women- Round 11 vs Centrals at Pasadena - Winners 53-49

Division 1 Women- Round 11 vs Centrals at Pasadena - Winners 53-49

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This week the Blacks ladies headed out into the icy winters night to Pasadena, to take on a challenging Centrals outfit. The Blacks were treated with a little extra joy before the game with Ali Tree now Wright dragging herself and her little bump out into the cold to come to the game and see the team. A welcome distraction pre-game, looking forward to meeting little Tree-Wright later in the year!

Finally getting onto the court we were given only 3 minutes to warm up so not surprisingly both teams started a little bit cold (great preparation for Tanunda), the score 10-10 at quarter time.

The second quarter saw a tight tussle with the usual suspects getting the rub of the umpires and getting under our (well my) skin. To the Blacks credit we held our nerve and got ourselves up 26-24 at the half. Centrals causing us all sorts of trouble with their defence as we turned the ball over consistently into their hands – lucky Super Coach Tuz has no hair to pull out (although the beard was in serious danger this week)!

The second half wasn’t any easier. We managed to get up by as much as 6 at one stage, only to see that eroded back to a 1 point lead (thanks to more turnovers), up 41-40 at three quarter time.

In the last quarter we had to dig deep to get the win. A slow start saw us down 44-41, but some tight hard defence saw us open the court up and allow me to find my mo-jo with 10 last quarter points, getting away with a hard fought 53-49 win.

I finished with 22 and Jazzy Sting Moyle had another handy 10 points. Eager Beaver Dani and everyone’s favourite Gangsta Pokémon Evie had quieter scoreboard games getting 7 and 6 respectively, but made plenty of important defensive stops, as did Hail Storm and Baby Huey finishing with 4 a piece, but also had the opportunity for plenty more. Our resident designer Lexi ‘Rex’ Atkins continues to put pressure at the defensive end getting plenty of deflections and helping to make the rest of us look good – sic’em Rex (am I the only one old enough to remember that add?)!

Notable mid-season mentions…we currently have 3 people in the top 5 Match Points list as we stand at the end of round 11, with a Turtle, a Pokémon and an Eager Beaver. We also have 3 in the top 5 3-pointers made, with Turtle, Jazzy-sting and Pokémon sitting 2,3,4. As has been our weakness so far this season, unfortunately we also have 3 in the top 5 fouls for the season as well, holding first, second and fourth on the list….Hail Storm Hayley and Eager Beaver Dani sitting equal first, and Pokémon unbelievably making all 3 of these lists, holding 4th spot (I only just miss the cut-off due to my last name sitting equal 5th, officially 6th on the list).

Looking forward to a big weekend in Tanunda, then we take on Forestville at Marion.

Go Blacks!

By Tam Walker