AU Judo Club's July

AU Judo Club's July

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AU Judo Club members were representing locally and abroad this past month. In South Australia, AUJC had a large turnout of players and spectators at the JudoSA Seniors’ Event. Meanwhile over in Japan our coaches were making the annual pilgrimage to the Kodokan to lean from some of the highest ranking Judoka instructors in the world.

The Seniors Event was held at the South Australian Judo Academy (SAJA). AUJC was among the most represented clubs at the event with our members actively involved in the competition though participation, volunteering and supporting. There were many matches run across the day but this did not slow AUJC’s momentum as our players did not showing signs of fatigue. A special couple of mentions goes out to both Phil and Francesco for whom this event was their debate, although from their composure you wouldn’t have thought it. To see some of the highlights of the event head over to our Album on Facebook by Clicking Here.

In Japan, our coaches were in attendance at a high dan grade holder’s intensive week long course at the Kodokan. Under the direction of the Kodokan instructors, our coaches experienced the latest teaching techniques with respect to seven different styles of Kata. Following on from June’s National Titles gold medal, Meera took the opportunity to demonstrate her Kata skills once again. Not daunted by preforming in front of the distinguished judoka on the panel at the Kodokan, Meera received an outstanding grade for her Ju No Kata.

This wealth of knowledge and exposure our Sensei Headland and coaches receive from this annual trip continues to pay dividends at AUJC. By passing on their knowledge and experiences, our coaches continue to be able to supply the most up-to-date technical teaching methods to our members as they continue to develop their Judo.