Success at Autumn Championships

Success at Autumn Championships

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Richard Lewis

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As this is the first major competition of 2018 hosted by JUDO SA, our members have definitely shown that our club will be one of the powerhouses this season.

On the mat AUJC players put their pre-season training into effect, managing to secure podium finishes across all entered weight divisions (including the open wight category!). For several AUJC players this event was their first Judo competition and a time to demonstrate their understanding of the sport. During their matches the first time AUJC players showed discipline in the execution of their techniques and strategic targets. This likely contributed the the smiles, laughs and motivation to improve at the conclusion of the event.

Meanwhile off the mat, AUJC members were heavily involved with volunteering including event setup, scoring, first aid, IT and pack-up.

Congratulations to all our medalists:

Iswan secured a bronze in Under 73Kg
Nathan Gold in the Under 81 Kg and Silver in the Open
Ross Silver in the Under 81 Kg
Riccardo gold in under 90Kg and the Open
Richard a Silver in under 90Kg and Bronze in the Open

And a great big thankyou to all the AUJC helpers too!!!
Great job, Meera, Bart, Callum, Jiyeon, Ricky etc.

We had just as many people helping as competed!!! You are all legends!!!