Women's Self Defence Classes - Semester 2, 2021

Women's Self Defence Classes - Semester 2, 2021

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Brett Crosby

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Come and learn practical strategies for keeping yourself safe.
Taught by Lauren Degabriele, who has over 20 years of martial arts and self-defence experience, this class will give you skills to deal with situations - regardless of your size, strength or fitness.

Hear what some of the previous participants have said about the course:

“An absolutely invaluable course. I know of no others that present the world so realistically and equip women with tools that are actually practical for us to be able to use in situations in which we are vulnerable. This course was confronting, but in forcing us to face our worst fears as women, the course allowed us the peace of mind that in any situation, there is never nothing you can do to try and protect yourself, and allowed us to realise that sometimes, our own strength can surprise us.”

“This course is absolutely invaluable to women. It was confronting, but in forcing me to face my fears directly and evaluate the situations, it gave me the peace of mind that there is always something I can do to help myself out of them. Lauren taught us that we don't have to accept life as victims. And that is a lesson that I will carry with me everywhere I go”

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