Investigator Trail Hike

Investigator Trail Hike

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Lincoln National Park

This trip is to explore the beautiful Lincoln National Park on Eyre Peninsula during the first week of the mid semester break. We will be hiking the Investigator trail for 4 days visiting isolated bays and campsite beachside, with a side trip off to Wanna Dunes (picturing sunset at the dunes then staying at a nearby hut). It will hopefully be nice and warm so I'm hoping we can go for a swim (the walking will be nice and short so we can do plenty of this). The plan is drive from Adelaide on the 20th September and hike to be ready to head home on the 25th (if people were keen there are plenty of good surf beaches near Pt Lincoln that we could check out after). This is a multiday hike so previous hiking experience is required. We cant have more than 20 people come cus then the National Park counts us as a commercial tour and charges more so get in quick I guess. We will create a group chat to sort out the fine details like gear, carpooling and cost but if anyone has any questions my phone number is 0477135597.

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