Chambers Gully Bushwalk

Chambers Gully Bushwalk

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Ben Melville

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Bushwalk around Chambers Gully : Tuesday 12 May 2020

We had an absolute blast heading up and around Chambers Gully and Mount Lofty last Tuesday (Corran literally blasting up the hill while the rest of us took a leisurely pace up).

Managed to see a variety of wildlife (including some koala spotting) along the way and got back before dark!!!! (miracle no.1) and also miss the rain by 5 minutes!!!! (miracle no. 2).

Many thanks and much love to everyone that joined - we made a lovely group of 10 socially distanced people 🙂

Keep an eye out for more AUMC day walks - we love exploring around Adelaide and would be stoked if you came and joined us ❤

Author: Claudia Floreani