Adelaide University SCUBA Diving Club

Adelaide University SCUBA Diving Club


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Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club is one of the largest underwater activity clubs in South Australia. The club has over 100 members of varying experience, ranging from beginners to instructors. We accept membership from both university students and the general public alike.

Local dives are organised every weekend when the weather is good, and mid-week night and dawn dives are also popular. The club has a well equipped dive boat, three compressors for air fills (one club room compressor and two portable compressors for away trips). We also have scuba equipment for rental on weekly hire rates from Thursday to the following Thursday. The club can assist new members in obtaining divers certification with external training agencies and is a strong advocate of advanced dive training.

Throughout the year, AUSC encourage interested members to undertake a number of allied training courses in boat handling and seamanship, coastal navigation and marine radio operation, as well as DAN oxygen and resuscitation, and senior first aid certifications. These courses can often be subsidised by applying for training grants.