Update of our Club Constitution

Update of our Club Constitution

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Adila Abdul Halim

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A Special General Meeting was held on 11 December 2021 on Zoom at 6pmsolely to make changes and update our club Constitution. The changes made are as follows:

- Consistent formatting
- Updated club logo
- Updated "AUSport" to "Adelaide University Sport and Fitness Association Inc."
- Spelling mistakes

- 1. Corrected incorporated name
- 3. Added "affiliate with AUSF"
- 4. Added point b.
- 5.1 Modified point b to refer to the club membership policy or AUSF policy
- 5.2 Removed as it is no longer relevant
- 5.3 Modified so that members are accepted once fees are paid
- 10.2 Modified so that we may create a policy outlining roles and responsibilities of committee members in future
- 11.2 Added clause b
- 11.4 d and f removed.

as obtained from the SGM Meeting Minutes written by Scott Carnie-Bronca.