Amazing Achievement!

Amazing Achievement!

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Adelaide University Taekwondo Club is proud to announce the promotion of Head Coach (Adelaide University Taekwondo) and Chief Instructor (First Taekwondo) John O’Brien to 6th Degree Black Belt. Chief Instructor (CI) John commenced his taekwondo training at Adelaide University under Master Instructor Vernon Low in 1969, and has trained continuously ever since. CI John has been instrumental in the development of Adelaide University Taekwondo since those early days, passing on his knowledge of the Art to Adelaide University students as Instructor and Head Coach over many years.

At our midyear (June 2021) grading examination, CI John was examined by Master Instructor Vernon Low on various aspects of the Art, including advanced patterns, advanced self-defence, multiple destruction techniques and free sparring, demonstrating exceptional skill, technique and strength which was an honour to witness. This remarkable promotion comes approximately 12 years since receiving his 5th Degree Black Belt.

This promotion is a recognition of CI John’s martial arts skills, his training and dedication and his deep knowledge of the Art. Adelaide University Taekwondo Club members are deeply privileged to have CI John guiding us, challenging us and inspiring us to be the best we can in the Art. We wish CI John congratulations on this great achievement and thank him for his dedication to our students and our Club.