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We will be making an alternative event this year, combining the loved AGM and scrumptious End of Season Dinner into one BLITZER of a night. Facebook Event and Tickets coming soon...

WINTER SEASON UPDATE- New Weekly Updates are posted on our Facebook Page

Team #friendship aka AUTC Nationals have had a strong showing this season. The team may have come back worse for wear after returning from the Goldie with some players sustaining more than just an extreme hangover. However, the time away has been invaluable in learning the quirks of all the players, like knowing which way they are going to run away from their half. Currently sitting 4th, rather than a would be 2nd if we did not have to go away and compete at Unigames, I mean err Nationals (got it right eventually Jordan). The team is in a strong position for a late season surge. - Stephen (Part-Time Sports Writer)

The Roosters have had a tough start to the winter season so far. As the second AUTC team in the premier grade, some players are being exposed to this level of touch for the first time. Despite this and with many not having played together before, the side has been competitive in nearly all its matches. Committed defence has been the epitome of the efforts which have lead to these strong efforts, including two heartbreaking single touchdown defeats. Special praise to Rick who has lead the attack, Hannah who has continued the rapid improvement that begun in the 2017 winter season and Caroline who has matched it with players with many years’ more experience. The sides' goals are to find its first win and to contest the B Grade finals. – Owen (Coach)

The AUTC Rams notched up their 3rd win for the season by defeating the Red Hot Chiilis in a tightly contested match. The 5-4 win sees the Rams sitting a surprising 2nd place on the ladder in C-grade. Three of the touchdowns occurred due to awareness and listening to the Referee calling opposition players offside thereby allowing the AUTC Rams to ram home a few easy touchdowns. - Latchy (Coach)

The GOATs have had a difficult season, but have started to capitalise on a much needed regrading, with a well fought 4-3 win in our last game. A mid-season Team Bonding has been booked in to lift the team and inspire the GOATs for the rest of the season. Tommy ‘Bruce’ Lee has shown glimpses of excellence this season, with an on-field maturity well beyond his young age of 21. Go the GOATs! – Jack (Coach)

The Bulls have come a long way since the start of the season, learning to play as a team and improving with every game! With a win now under the belt, the team are ready to zoom up the ladder from 4th with a surge of energy of the AUTC spirit. – Claire (Coach)

After an exhilarating and successful uni Nationals team trip, there has been great cohesion on and off the field beating top of the table 7-2 and a very close battle with second place 8-8 draw. The experience of all players are increasing at a very accelerated pace. Even coach Tom Ralph has been heard encouraging loudly which shows a were on the right track. – Tom (Head Coach)


AUTC had a successful trip to the Gold Coast for the National University Championships Division 2 in July. This was underscored by our team’s terrific performances and a 7th (of 14) place finish against an entire competition originating from NSW and QLD (the "prime" touch footy states).
The talented squad from SA at no point looked outmatched as they posted wins over QUT, ICMS, USC (sunshine coast) and SCU (southern cross).

The squad played hard and gave their all together on the field, with everyone contributing key plays throughout the week off-the field, the team gelled to create a positive and fun atmosphere. An impromptu cleaning session at the grounds led to Mel Ralph flattening jordy with a goal post cover and Wilbert rolling down a hill. Other special moments included Caitlin Randall doing the worm and Brad Thompson being turned into a smurf and the perfection of the art of helmet stacking

On the whole, AUTC gave a great account of themselves and be able to be proud of what we did on the trip. We would like to thank the members for supporting us with their contributes at the AUTC Quiz Night.

  • Tyson Blanco (Team Manager)