Hard Earned Level One and Club Letter

Hard Earned Level One and Club Letter

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Jason de Groot

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Congratulations to Xiaomin Huang (Mandy), the AU Wing Chun club’s latest student to achieve a Level One grading. A Level One is a widely recognised and respected achievement throughout the Wing Chun community and one that takes many years of dedication and training to earn. It is similar to a black belt in some other martial arts.

Mandy earned her Level One during the Australian Wing Chun Federation’s interstate conference, which was held near Tamborine Mountain in Queensland in October 2019. The grading requires the student to receive the approval from many of the distinguished instructors from around Australia who were present at the conference. The student must demonstrate exceptional physical and cognitive competence in the art of Wing Chun, and Mandy was up to the task.

During the 111th Blues Awards held shortly after in December, Mandy received a much deserved Club Letter for her momentous achievement of Level One. It has been fantastic to see her efforts so widely recognised, and our club could not be more proud to have been a part of her journey. We hope to see her continue to develop her Kung Fu skills throughout 2020 and beyond.

Congratulations, Xiaomin!