Nationals Div 1 and Div 2


A brand new format that launched in 2019, Nationals Div 1 & 2 is a not to be missed sporting event for any university athlete!

The championships have grown over the last 25 years and have become Australia's largest annual multi-sport event, renowned for providing a friendly but competitive environment for Australian University athletes. In 2020, competition will be stronger than ever. With the change in format, Div 1 will have the best of the best competing, with the bottom two at the end of competition being relegated and unable to return to Div 1 for at least two years. Those competing in Div 2 will need to finish in the top two to be promoted the following year. It is imperative that we compete at the highest level, and therefore we promote the addition of as many Elite Athletes as possible. 

If you are currently playing at an International, National or Division 1 level in your chosen sport, AU Sport will provide financial assistance. This also goes for Coaches, Managers and Media Personnel. If your team is to finish in the top two in Div 2, we will also provide financial assistance. For details on the Financial Assistant Plan, CLICK HERE! To apply for Financial Assistance, CLICK HERE!

AU Sport follows the 'Adelaide University Sport AUS Events Selection Policy' for Nationals Div 1 & 2 selections to ensure that the strongest possible team is selected to represent the University. If the team does not meet the requirements, we will not send that specific team.

To Express your Interest, CLICK HERE!

Sports contested include: (O - Open / X - Mixed)

  • AFL
  • Athletics
  • Badminton (M, W)
  • Baseball (M)
  • Basketball (M, W)
  • Beach Volleyball (M, W, X**)
  • Cheer and Dance
  • Cycling
  • Fencing
  • Football (M, W)
  • Futsal (M, W)
  • Golf (M,W)
  • Handball (O*)
  • Hockey (M, W)
  • Judo (M, W)
  • Kendo (M, W),
  • Lawn Bowls (O*)
  • Netball (W, X**)
  • Rugby 7s (M, W)
  • Sailing (O*)
  • Softball (W)
  • Squash (M, W)
  • Swimming (M, W)
  • Table Tennis (M, W)
  • Taekwondo (M, W)
  • Tennis (M, W)
  • Ten Pin (O*)
  • Touch Football (M, W, X**)
  • Ultimate (M, W)
  • Volleyball (M, W)
  • Water Polo (M, W)