Fitness Hub - Personal Training

Fitness Hub - Personal Training

Benefits of Personal Training

Personal Training gives you the motivation and understanding you need to achieve your goals. A Personal Trainer will assess your goals, availability and the types of training you enjoy in order to formulate a plan of how you will achieve your goals. A good exercise plan has the right balance of exercise and recovery periods in order to avoid counter-productive over-training.

Training with your Personal Trainer makes your visit to the gym more. You don’t have to worry about which exercises you will be doing, how many sets or reps, how to adjust the equipment or whether you are doing the exercises correctly. You have the full attention of an expert and your fitness program is customised for any injuries or health concerns. Your Personal Trainer can also liaise with your medical professional to create the best exercise plan for you


Fitness Evaluation and Planning

In our initial consultation, the Trainer will evaluate your health and physical fitness, discuss what barriers have previously stopped you achieving your goals and plan some achievable ones.


Tracking Results

To maximize your progress, your personal trainer will continually evaluate your performance and results and adjust your program accordingly so you continue to make progress and achieve your desired goal.

Fitness Hub Trainers

The Fitness Hub has a variety of male and female Personal Trainers, each with their own unique skills, experiences and qualifications.  

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Personal Training and Nutrition Pricing

60 Minute PT
Single Session $65
5 Pack $300
10 pack $575
12 Week Direct Debit $55

45 Minute PT
Single Session $55
5 Pack $250
10 pack $475
12 Week Direct Debit $45

30 Minute PT
Single Session $45
5 Pack $210
10 Pack $400
12 Week Direct Debit $35

Nutrition Consultation
Single Session $45
3 Pack $129

2:1 60 Minute PT
Single Session $80
5 Pack $420
10 Pack $720

2:1 45 Minute PT
Single Session $70
5 Pack $325
10 Pack $630

Group PT (3 or More)
Single Session $120
5 Pack $525
10 Pack $900

Online Programming
Single Program $35
12 Week Direct Debit $30

To enquire further or to book in a Personal Training or Nutrition session, contact a member of our team: Call (08) 8313 6999 or email