Tom's Top 10 Student Athletes

Tom's Top 10 Student Athletes

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Tom Sharpe

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Over the past four years Adelaide University Sport's Intervarsity and Student Engagement Officer, Tom Sharpe has spent a lot of his time with student athletes. He's put together a Top 10 list of his favourite student athletes he's seen throughout his tenure. See if you make the cut, and let us know your favourite 10 teammates in your time with Adelaide University Sport.

10 – Richard Lewis
Richard made the top 10, not just for his continued success at Nationals, but also because he could easily flip me over his shoulder if I were to give him a hard time. In my four years at Nationals, Richard has taken three silver medals for Judo (unfortunately being beaten by the same competitor each year to date) in the Open Weight class. Being Bridesmaid on many occasions has not stopped him from helping his teammates and competitors better themselves. Richard has also had a strong commitment to the Adelaide University Judo Club, being a committee member for many years.

9 – James Adcock
A relative newcomer and part of the Div 1 & Div 2 gold medal winning basketball Nationals team in 2019. James co-captained the basketball team at Div 2 and excelled. He backed up his efforts at Div 1, becoming an important part of the team. James helped recruit for both Div 1 & Div 2 in 2019, as well as fundraise for the team to return to Nationals Div 1, after winning Div 2 a few months earlier. James was also awarded an IV Certificate of Merit at the Blues Awards in 2019.

8 – Eddie Dadds
Not just in the top 10 for his hairdo, Eddie has always been a great advocate for University sport. Eddie has been awarded multiple scholarships while studying at the Uni, as well as being an instrumental part of organising IV Football over the last three years. You won’t see Eddie at Nationals, but he is a long serving member of the Adelaide University Football Club in the Div 1 A-Grade team and committee member. Eddie has also helped at multiple O’Weeks and Open Days.

7 – Megan Tomlinson
Small in stature, but full of heart. Megan is one of the best sports organisers I have seen in my time at Adelaide University Sport. Megan competed at multiple Nationals in Div 1 fencing competitions. Although she is a good fencer, she is more importantly a beloved team member. Megan was voted University Team Captain for Nationals in 2018, and could always be trusted to organise fencing competitors. In 2018, fencing accounted for more than half of our medal tally at Nationals on the Gold Coast.

6 – Jordan Blanco
Jordan has been a staple during my time at Adelaide University Sport. Another multi-sport athlete, Jordan has competed in both touch football and fencing at Nationals in Div 1 & Div 2. A multiple medal winning athlete, Jordan has always put the team first and was awarded for his efforts being named University Team Captain in 2019 for both Div 1 & Div 2. Always happy to put his hand up to help Adelaide University Sport, Jordan deserves in the top 10!

5 – Daphne McLeod
An elite soccer and futsal player, as well as being awarded the IV Certificate of Merit and captaining the Nationals Div 1 & Div 2 in 2017 a pretty good CV. She was the sole reason the women's soccer team made a return to Nationals, and led the team to a gold medal at Div 2 (Southern University Games at the time) in a dominant tournament. From there, Daph organised a ruthless futsal team to enter Div 1 for several years, taking out multiple medals in her time. Unfortunately for the University of Adelaide, her dream to make the Adelaide United Women's team signified an end to her time at Nationals, but she would continued to help when requested at events.

4 – Emily Johnson
A gifted Netballer, Emily spent her time at the University of Adelaide as a fantastic advocate for University sport. Emily had a big hand in organising IV Netball over the past two years, as well as being involved in volleyball at Nationals on top of her already excellent performances at Nationals in mixed netball. Emily was awarded the IV Certificate of Merit at the 2018 Blues Awards for her efforts.

3 – Ned Morcom
Ned is one of the top touch footballers in the state. Unfortunately for Ned, he has been cruelled by injuries in both Nationals he participated in. He played with a significantly bruised kidney in a bronze medal winning touch team, and also tore his hamstring while running the full length of the pitch to score (which we have on film). He would have found himself higher on the list, if injuries didn’t affect his time at the University.

2 – Jack Cowie
While gifted at multiple sports, Jack preferred soccer, but when injured in Perth in 2016, he cross registered and turned out to be the best ten pin bowler I have witnessed to date. Scoring over 250 on multiple occasions, Jack became a multi-sport star for the University of Adelaide. While winning silver at multiple Nationals in ten pin bowling, Jack continued with soccer in the futsal variety, organising teams and starring.

1 – Brandon Brine
Number 1 on my Top 10 is Brandon. An absolute beast on the basketball court, and the most professional student athlete I've seen in my time at Adelaide University Sport. Brandon was the standout in the Nationals Div 1 competition, dunking on almost all opponents, Brandon was also a significant mentor for his fellow players. Only in his second year of study, I am hopeful to witness Brandon’s skills for many years to come. Brandon was part of the 2019 Nationals Div 1 gold medal team in basketball. Brandon was also awarded the IV Certificate of Merit at the 2019 Blues Awards.

Honourable mentions to – Aidan Karayilan, Tom Ralph, Montana Nelligan, Scott Adamson, Nicholas Fassos, Amy Brooks-Birve and Chip Natt.