Blues Standards

Blues Standards

Setting The Bench Mark

The Blues Committee recognises that comparing clubs and sports is not an easy task. Factors such as the size of each sport, the level of competition and the pathways within each sport can make this task difficult.

As a result, to ensure that all who receive an award are of similar calibre, 'Club standards' are set to ensure consistency but still cater for the differences between sports and clubs. Clubs are asked to refer to their Club standards when discussing potential nominees and complete the online application form by the due date.  All applications will then be reviewed, discussed and ratified by the Blues Committee.

AU Sport Blues Guidelines
AU Sport Blues Policy
Tips on Preparing a Good Nomination

A nomination must be:

  • Received by AU Sport within six months after the nominee has last competed for the club/participated in club activities

  • Letter of support from the club/person(s) making the nomination must be emailed or brought into the AU Sport Office to accompany online nomination

Unsporting Behaviour

None of the aforementioned awards, a Blue, Half Blue or Club Letters, may be awarded to a person who has acted in an unsporting manner to the detriment of the welfare of such person’s club or the prejudice of the dignity and honour of AU Sport or the University. No person who has acted so shall be eligible for any award.

Review of Standards

The Blues Committee recommends that each club review their standards at least once every three to five years and ideally this should be done by an established Blues Committee or Sub-Committee appointed by the Club. The review period is open every year between November and May, and Clubs should do this in consultation with AU Sport. More information about the process can be found in the Blues Guidelines.