Club Must Dos

Club Must Dos

Maintaining a close relationship

There are a number of basic requirements that all AU Sport clubs must do to ensure that they are being well run and meet the expectations of their affiliation with AU Sport.

The following is a list of duties and programs that all club committees are required to address.





AU Sport Inductions

As new committees are elected, each Committee must attend an induction session. This meeting can be done with the full Committee or just a few depending on availability of Committee members. The length of the induction will vary depending on the experience of the Committee and its understanding of AU Sport requirements and the club's responsibilities.

Please arrange this meeting with your club's AU Sport staff contact.

2 weeks after club's AGM

Club Contacts

Please answer all correspondence promptly, either by phone or email. Club mail must also be collected regularly from the AU Sport office.
Each club must provide up to date contact details for all committee members (name, position, email, phone number).  Please provide to your club's AU Sport staff contact.

As needed

Club Webpages

All Clubs are required to maintain correct information on their AU Sport website club webpages.

They are also entitled to use the AU Sport website to promote club news, information and activities to current, past and prospective members. The website also greatly assists those managing club memberships and finances as it has the capabilities to sell club memberships and products.

At all times


AU Sport AGM and Council Meetings

All clubs must have a delegate from their Committees attend ALL AU Sport Council meetings (at least three per a year), plus the AGM and any Special General Meetings that are called.

As called

Annual and Financial Reports

All clubs need to provide a copy of their Annual and Financial reports at the time of their AGM.

An Annual Report Statement between 200 and 250 words in length must also be provided. This statement should include information such as any outstanding individual/team/club achievements and activities which occurred during the year. This is then included in the AU Sport Annual Report. Winter sport clubs reports are required by 31 January and the summer sport clubs reports required by 7 April.

As Required

31 January
7 April


Affiliated AU Sport clubs are covered by the Public Liability Insurance and Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.

Club equipment valued over $5000 and any water based equipment valued over $250 is covered by Equipment Insurance but must be registered with AU Sport. Any changes to a club's list needs to be reported to AU Sport as equipment will not be covered if it is not registered with AU Sport.Clubs need to maintain an up-to-date inventory of club equipment, both consumable and capital, which should also include valuable trophies and awards.

Financial club members are covered by Personal Accident Insurance which they can access if injured at or travelling to an 'official club event' (sporting or social) as long as they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is important for all club committees to understand the implications of non-members participating in club activities.

As required


Clubs can book University sporting fields and rooms for training, games and meetings. Clubs, which regularly use AU Sport facilities, need to communicate their needs and work closely with the AU Sport Administration Officer. Reference should be made to the Facility Policy and University Playing Fields Policy.

As required






Membership numbers

All Club Committees must have a clear understanding of AU Sport Membership Policy and the restrictions placed on non-student numbers. All members of an AU Sport club must also be a member of AU Sport. Information on the different AU Sport membership categories can be found in the AU Sport Membership Policy. 

All clubs must maintain club membership records. This can be done in two ways: the Club Online Membership System (the preferred way) or manually. If managed manually, the following information MUST be recorded in a membership database, ie Member’s name, Contact details, Date they joined, AU Sport Membership type (AU Student, Associate, University, Junior), Gender and Amount paid/club fee.

As required


Membership Fees

Clubs NOT using the AU Sport Club Online Membership System will need to collect AU Sport membership fees, and this must be paid to AU Sport four times a year. This needs to be done by either electronic transfer to the AU Sport  bank account (details available from AU Sport) or by cheque/cash at the AU Sport Office.

30 January
27 April
31 July
31 October







All AU Sport clubs are allocated recurrent grant funding to assist them with basic club expenses. AU Sport also has other grants to help with specific projects as part of the AU Sport Grant program.

2 March
24 August

Risk Management Program

We recognise that there are risks specific to every sport club affiliated with AU Sport and thus each club needs to address both the sport specific risks as well as risks common to many clubs. Club Administrators are required, on an annual basis, to complete a Risk Management Assessment, which includes an audit and action plan; and provide a copy of the audit and plan to AU Sport.

31 July

Uniform Guidelines

The AU Sport Uniform Guidelines have been developed for the reference of affiliated clubs when designing club uniforms and merchandise. From 2016, AU Sport now has a unified look across all sports and at the Uni Nationals.