Return to Sport - FAQ's

Return to Sport - FAQ's

This section will continuously be updated with frequently ask questions that may assist other clubs.

Updated 29 May 2020



What measures should the club implement to increase member safety?
The AIS Framework provides a lot of these answers as should your club’s return to sport plan. The general advice is as per the below.

  • Training groups and types of training should be in line with the current SA Government and your State Sporting Organisation's guidelines

  • Allow enough change over time between training groups when booking facilities.

  • In terms of contact training, need to refer to current SA Government and your State Sporting Organisation's guidelines

  • Clubs will need to continue to exercise social distancing. Clubs need to communicate to members, coaches, volunteers and parents that all training must strictly observe social distancing requirements of 1.5m and adhere to the requirement of no more than 1 participant per 4sqm.

  • Access to change rooms is not permitted. All club rooms, change rooms and wet areas are not to be used as part of the return to sport at this current time. Club spaces are also not to be used to store personal items while training.

  • Clubs should implement strict hygiene protocols as outlined in your return to sport plan. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers must be available for all training sessions, with members encouraged to use prior, during and following training.

  • Sharing of water bottles or towels is not permitted. It is also important to clean and disinfect these items following each training session.

  • Individuals should avoid spitting or clearing nasal passages at training.

  • Toilets can be accessed following hygiene and social distancing protocols.

  • Equipment should be wiped with antibacterial wipes or alcohol-based sanitiser prior to and after training sessions.

  • Members are responsible for their own strapping if required.

  • If you or people you have been in contact with are sick, please DO NOT attend training and advise your coach/committee.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

  • Stay home and seek medical treatment when you are sick.

  • Cover your mouth to cough or sneeze

Do we have to register a COVID Safe Plan with the Government?
Yes, please refer to AU Sports Return to Sport information about this process.

What is a COVID 19 Safety Officer? 
The COVID-19 Safety Coordinator will be your key resource and central point of contact for all matters COVID-19 for your organisation. The Safety Coordinator will be responsible for liaising with AU Sport, other clubs, associations, State and National Sporting Organisations and other relevant stakeholders in relation to your organisation’s response to COVID-19. More information about who is best suited to the role click HERE. This person/s must undertake the COVID 19 Infections Control Training and AU Sport needs to be notified of who they are.  

Do we have to keep a register of participants?
Records must be maintained of participants at training and ensure that these records are available upon request.

Do members need to be using the COVIDSafe App to attend training?
We understand that some members may not want to download the app but we recommend that the club encourages all members and other stakeholders to download the COVIDSafe app to help assist contact tracing if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19. You can download the COVIDSafe app here.

Do we have to check member’s temperatures or manage declaration of health?
This will depend on what your SSO requires you to do at training. If they don’t require this as part of your return to sport plan, then it is not compulsory. It must be communicated to members that if they are not feeling well, or are exhibiting cold/flu symptoms they need to stay home.
We also recommend that key members of the club undertake the COVID-19 Infection Control Training.

What are the clear timelines for going back?
This is a very fluid process and as you would be aware, updates are happening all the time. The timelines for going back are dictated by the Government, SA Health and your SSO. Timelines will differ between clubs and between teams at clubs.
We aim to facilitate live forums and sessions for when restrictions are further reduced such as when indoor activities and competitive sports are permitted to return.


How can we book facilities?
Please submit a facilities booking for which is accessible on the website HERE.

When can we access indoor facilities?
As of 1st June both indoor and outdoor facilities are able to be used but different restrictions apply depending on the activity 
Can we use the clubrooms, bars and canteens?
No. Only toilets can be used following social distancing restrictions.

Access to facilities with changed/extended seasons?
This will be an ongoing challenge that will require each club’s patience and understanding. We will need clubs who share fields/facilities to work with AU Sport and each other to try solve these issues as they arise.
There are people using the space that shouldn’t be, what should we do?
We are not currently taking bookings from external groups and organisations. Security will be monitoring the fields and will be moving on anyone who does not have a booking or is not adhering to their return to sport plans. This includes AU Sport Clubs.

Are our normal bookings still confirmed?
No. As all clubs will need additional space, times and location may continue to change. In addition to this, the clubs must also have an approved return to sport plan. Please communicate with Charlie about your needs and we will do our best to support them. We do ask all clubs be patient and understanding during the process.

What should clubs that use external facilities be doing?
You will need to follow up with facility owners and add any requirements that they have to your return to sport plans.

Who is the key contact for COVID-19 related questions?
A nomination club member must be identified for club related matters, this person will be your COVID 19  Safety Officer and they are the key contact point between the club, AU Sport and the SSO.
At AU Sport, all staff are across the requirements, but the following are the key people who can assist:
Charlie-Ann Keen – For facility bookings.
Sara Lane - For assistance with developing your Return to Sport plan, setting up COVID-19 memberships on the AU Sport website and general questions
Michelle Wilson - Any suspected case or case of COVID-19 notification 

Further updates from AU Sport will be communicated to your club via your president and COVID 19 Safety Officer (once identified). It is also highly recommended that all committee members join the AU Sport Club Committee Support Facebook group. We also encourage you to use this group as a way of communicating information and ideas between clubs.


Ideas about how to keep attendance restricted without losing club members?
You need to be maintaining connections and building an online culture. Think outside of the box and what you can conduct online in terms of training sessions and club building activities.
Talk to each other, share ideas. Use the AU Sport Club Committee Support to do so. Yes, your club is your sporting family, but AU Sport and our clubs are one as well so let's help each other out.

Policy for refunds?
In terms of club fees, this is decision needs to be made by your club’s committee and will be different for all clubs. Some clubs and members are looking at fees as a supporter donation so that the club still has the funds to future proof and to deliver sport in the coming months and years.   
All members who are participating in permitted club activities and training must have club memberships along with an AU Sport membership to ensure that they are covered for insurance purposes. It is recommended for clubs who have yet to collect fees it is encouraged that you set up a ‘COVID-19 membership’ product on the AU Sport system. As part of the process, members will need to purchase the standard AU Sport membership, which is free for University of Adelaide students and $22 for non-students. This membership will only cover them until a better understanding of when your sport moves to ‘Level C’ of the framework.
After this point, the full AU Sport membership will need to be purchased. Please note, the system will provide a $22 discount to the full membership if it sees that the member has previously purchased the pre-season membership. The AU Sport membership is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

What about AGMs?  
AGMs still need to be conducted, whether this is online or within social distancing guidelines.
If an individual has received a full refund of their memberships, they are no longer a member of the club and therefore cannot participate in an AGM’s. Club decisions regarding AGM’s need to be communicated to all stakeholder.
Further information and assistance in holding your club’s AGM can be found here.

How will grants and scholarships be impacted?  
The AU Sport Grant program will be available as normal and has been extended to allow for the purchase of equipment to deal with the changing landscape.
As previously communicated, the AU Sport Scholarships have been extended to Semester 2. Keep an eye out on our website and socials for more details.