Upcoming AGM?

Upcoming AGM?

Tips on your 2020 AGM and considerations for holding an AGM in a COVID – 19 world.  


AGM’s are an important part of decision making for sport clubs and most AU Sport Club AGM’s are approaching in the near future. In the current climate, this poses the question, how can we do this from a distance to ensure clubs remain socially responsible?

Following consultation with Consumer Business Services, Clubs can now: 

Hold a “virtual” AGM (either online, or via teleconference) within the time stated in your Clubs Constitution, remembering that the Club still needs to maintain appropriate measures such as record keeping practices, sufficient notice of the meeting, a quorum of members participating online etc.   No action will be taken by Consumer and Business Services where a 'virtual' AGM is held and does not comply with the Association's rules due to requirements that meetings be held in person. 


Postpone the AGM for up to 6 months with a view to holding the meeting “face to face”.  Again CBS will take no action against a Club where the AGM is postponed for up to 6 months despite any conflicting timelines contained in your Constitution.

If your club wishes to hold an AGM in the coming months, the following considerations will be needed to be addressed:

  • Ensure you provide sufficient notice (according to your Club’s constitution) to members – this is usually 21 days.  

  • Consider how many people are required to achieve a quorum?   

  • Who is required to vote?  

  • Confirm that proxy votes can be used to reduce the number of people attending?  

  • What needs to be presented and voted on?  Those interested in holding a position on the committee should have the opportunity where possible to preregister with information about their suitability for the role. This information can be sent via email to club members to review before the vote.  

  • Organise documents and the agenda (Annual report, budgets, candidate profiles, information about voting process etc) and send them out to club members a week prior the AGM. This will give members time to process the information and consider any questions or comments they may have.  

  • What platforms can be used to share this information and ask questions?  

1. Your Club’s website. 
2. Facebook posts – with the committee answering questions which are asked.  
3. Facebook live event.
4. Mailchimp. 
5. Email. 
6. Slack. 

  •  ​​Member’s ability to use technology to vote. 

1. Can all you members access and understand an online voting platform? It’s important to keep it fair and equal for all members, ensuring everyone has access. If this isn’t possible, what alternative can be put in place for these members? 
2. Is it possible to use different methods for taking votes (online and text) while maintaining the integrity of the vote (one vote per member)?  
3. How will the meeting results be communicated and to whom?  

AU Sport suggested process:

  • Review these points and map out how your AGM will be held. 

  • Communicate this to your members. 

  • Ask for expressions of interest in required roles. 

  • Take registrations from members who will be a part of the AGM.  

  • Prepare any required documentation. 

  • Send documentation out to members. 

  • Hold AGM in the format you have decided upon. 

  • Provide an opportunity for members to ask questions about documentation sent out. 

  • Hold elections for positions 

  • Electronic 

  • Phone – text message/calls 

  • Paper  

Depending on the method used, you may need to suspend the AGM for a period of time (hours/days) to tally the results. If so, you will be required to reconvene to share the results, otherwise results will need to be sent out electronically.  

  • The club contacts may need to be updated with AU Sport, State Sporting Organisations, CBS, Club’s Website and any other platform which are used by the club.  

  • A meeting will need to be scheduled in order to conduct and induction with AU Sport (via video or phone conference).