COVID Marshal Training

COVID Marshal Training

As of Friday 21 August 2020, in line with SA Government COVID restrictions, all AUSF sporting and recreation clubs are required to have members who have completed COVID Marshal training, actively promoting and managing social distancing requirements at all club sessions – training, gym sessions, games, social activities etc.

The training module covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19 including:

  • Understand the COVID-19 virus and your role as COVID Marshal

  • Learn how the COVID-19 virus spreads and ways to assist in its prevention

  • Understand how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 infection, including through your role as a COVID Marshal

  • Recognise COVID-19 symptoms

  • Learn about the importance of social distancing and managing density

  • Learn helpful tips on cleaning and assist in prevention in the workplace

  • Understand where you can get more information

You must have a COVID Marshal if:

  • Less than 200 people are present - then you must have a nominated COVID Marshal (this can be one of your regular volunteers to perform the role as well as their usual duties).

  • More than 200 people are reasonably expected to be present at or participating - then you must have a dedicated COVID Marshal (this person must not have any other duties in respect of the prescribed operation).

A COVID Marshal must:

  • Be easily identifiable (e.g. brightly coloured garments, eye-catching lanyards or badges with ‘COVID MARSHAL’ displayed)

  • Be present and on duty while the activity is operating

  • Take reasonable action to ensure compliance of COVID-Safe or COVID Management Plans

The course is free, takes about 15 minutes and covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19. Please note, that as the course covers all industries and activities, a number of the registration questions are very generic. For example, under Business Type the options Hospitality, Indoor and Outdoor Sports and Social or Community Club appear. You will pick the one that most suits your Club’s activities as you cannot select more than one as is the case in the COVID Safe Plan process. Please note that this in no way changes the questions or the outcome of the training.

You will also be asked to choose a Position Held. We suggest that committee members choose “Business Owners”, with others choosing either “Employee” or “Volunteer”.

There is some reading, followed by 12 multiple choice and “true and false” questions, with an 80% pass rate. Once you have passed the course, print out or download your certificate to show the Authorities if and when they visit your Club. We strongly recommend that as many suitable people in the Club complete the training, allowing the responsibility and workload to be shared. We suggest that each Club committee also keep a copy of all certificates in a folder (hard copy or online) at all club sessions which can be accessed at any time.

To get started, click the Register Tab You will need to create a new account when you register.


Online Training Access

We encourage you to refer to the Government’s COVID Marshals Frequently Asked Questions, the Emergency Management (Public Activities COVID-19) Direction to learn more about the COVID Marshal role and what they are required to do.