Facility Terms and Conditions

Facility Terms and Conditions

Adelaide University Sport Facility Hire General Terms and Conditions 

Please read carefully before completing a Facility Booking Hire Form 

The following terms and conditions relate to field and building hire.  

1. Requests to hire  

Requests for the hire of AU Sport facilities must be made in writing using the Facility Hire Booking Enquiry Form and be signed by the person responsible for payment of fees arising from the use. The hirer must be over 21 years of age and they must be in attendance at all times during the time of hire. Completion of the Facility Hire Booking Enquiry Form does not confirm booking, bookings are confirmed upon fee payment.   

 2. Hire Period  

Your booking start and end times will be set out in the approved hire details and agreement. Access to the venue before or after your approved time is not permitted unless prior arrangements have been made with AU Sport. Setting up and cleaning of venue needs be completed during this period.  

3. Booking process  

Recurrent Hire requests for bookings are taken on an annual basis, and for AU Sport Clubs a booking request can be provided as fixtures information in the Facility Hire Booking Enquiry Form. Any Recurrent Hire (AU Sport or Community User) shall comply with the public liability insurance requirements as noted on the hire agreement form.  

Single Hire requests for booking can be made on an as-required basis.  

4. Payment of hire fee (Single Hire)  

To confirm Single Hire, the hire fee must be paid in full as specified in the Hire Agreement. The hire fee will be charged in accordance with AU Sport’s Facility Hire Fee Schedule.   

AU Sport may set out special conditions and hire fees for any activities or functions not covered in the current Fees and Charges .  

Payments must be made as described in the Hire Agreement provided by AU Sport upon receipt of a completed Facility Hire Enquiry Form.   

5. Cancellation by the hirer  

Cancellations made within less than 10 days notice prior to your hire may incur a cancellation fee. Hire fees may not be refunded if a cancellation is made after the hire date.  

6. Cancellation by AU Sport  

AU Sport reserves the right to refuse any booking or cancel any booking already made for whatever reason.  Any monies paid will be fully refunded. AU Sport will not be liable for any loss or other consequence of the exercise of any right stated within these terms and conditions.  

7. Bond  

AU Sport may require a bond to be paid for the use of the venue at least one month prior to a function. AU Sport will inspect the venue after the function. If the venue has been left in a satisfactory condition, AU Sport will refund the bond to you within 3 weeks after the function. Any costs incurred for additional cleaning or repairs to be carried out as a result from your function, will be deducted from the bond.  

8. Damage  

The hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to the venue or any fixtures, furniture or equipment excluding reasonable wear and tear. Any damage will be repaired by AU Sport at your cost and any other expenses incurred will be deducted from the bond.  

9. Smoking and Illicit and Illegal Drugs 

AU Sport has a no Smoking Policy which applies to all the facilities. Any hirer who fails to comply shall be subject to a $100 fine and a 12 month ban from Adelaide University playing fields and venues. 

Illicit and illegal substances and their use is prohibited at all AU Sport facilities.  

10. Cleaning  

After your hire period, the facility must be left in a clean and tidy condition. This includes returning furniture and equipment to their original positions, placing garbage into sealed bags and removing it from the venue. Where applicable, kitchen crockery and appliances must be cleaned and floors are to be swept, vacuumed or/and mopped if required. Toilets and kitchens/kitchenettes are to be left clean & tidy. Hirers are to supply their own garbage bags and cleaning materials. Only some AU Sport facilities venues supply limited cleaning equipment for your use. Fields must be left as they were found, free of rubbish. If using lights, they must be turned off if not agreed otherwise with AU Sport.   

11. Decorations  

The use of confetti or fireworks is prohibited. You must not affix any decorations to walls, floors or ceiling of the venue with nails, screws or hooks of any facility. All decorations must be removed after the function. Helium balloons must not interfere with the ceiling fans and light fixtures. Smoke machines must not interfere with fire alarm detectors. Cleaning costs will be deducted from your bond if the terms and conditions are not adhered to.  

12. Liability  

For the duration of the hire period, the facility will be under your physical and legal control. It is the responsibility of the hirer to inspect and approve the booked facility as being safe to use for your activity. If you consider it unsafe, do not use it and notify AU Sport of the problem straight away. If you use the facility it will be deemed to be an acknowledgment that the facility is fit and proper for your use and you accept that all liability associated with the use shall rest with you including all costs associated with loss or damage as a result of the hire.  

13. Insurance and indemnity  

Unless you are covered under AU Sport’s  Public Liability Policy (as an AU Sport affiliated club), you must obtain and maintain Public Liability Insurance cover of $20 million. This Policy MUST name AU Sport as an interested party and details shall be submitted with your application of hire.  

14. Alcohol  

Alcohol may be consumed on the premises without a liquor licence provided it is not sold. If you intend to sell alcohol, including the purchase of prepaid tickets to a function, a liquor licence permit must be obtained. A copy of the permit is to be forwarded to AU Sport at least 10 days prior to your hire. AU Sport supports a no glass policy where function venues are at sporting venues. The hirer is to meet all requirements of responsible serving of alcohol. The hirer is responsible for ensuring underage drinking does not occur. The hirer is responsible for the conduct of any visitors either invited or uninvited whilst under their hire.  

For AU Sport affiliated clubs with a liquor licence, the requirements associated with that licence must be complied with. 

15. Keys and security  

Collection of keys, security codes and instructions will be advised by AU Sport at the time of booking. Unless otherwise agreed, keys may be collected from the AU Sport (Ground Floor, George Murray Building, University of Adelaide) during business hours of the week prior to the booking.  

Keys will not be issued unless payment has been made. Access to the hire venue must only be done during the hire period unless prior arrangements have been made with AU Sport. It is against the law to make copies of any keys that AU Sport issue to the hirer. Loss of keys will incur a fee.  

16. Sale of Goods  

The selling of goods is not permitted at AU Sport facilities except if they are being sold at charitable events, fairs, markets or by approval of Council. No gambling, game of chance or illegal activities are to be carried out at AU Sport facilities.  

17. Safety  

The hirer must ensure that the set up, pack down, and hire is conducted in a safe manner. Where applicable, the hirer must be aware of all fire exits and fire extinguishers and follow the evacuation procedures for the venue. Fire exits must be kept clear at all times. It is the responsibility of the hirer to have a first aid kit available at all times during the duration of hire. Any incident or accident at the venue must be reported immediately to AU Sport.  

AU Sport accepts no liability for accidents which occur as a result of the hirer failing to observe this requirement.  

18. Amplified music and offensive noise 

Approval from AU Sport is required prior to using PA or amplified system at certain venues. All activities must meet the requirements of the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016  relating to noise at all times. Attendees are to leave the premises quietly without disturbing the surrounding residents. All functions are to cease no later than 11pm at all AU Sport venues. A deduction will be made to the bond if a breach is reported to AU Sport.  

19. Security  

Should AU Sport determine your proposed function is of a high risk nature, it will be compulsory for the hirer to engage a licensed security firm at your own cost. Proof of your security arrangements must be presented to AU Sport at least 14 days prior to your function.  

20. Sub letting  

The subletting of the venue or assigning of your rights to any other organisation or person without AU Sport‘s prior consent is prohibited.  

21. Recurrent Hire 

Recurrent Hire means any person or group of persons who hires an AU Sport facility for noncommercial or non-profit making purpose, more than 26 weeks per calendar year. Regular hirers must renew their application and provide evidence of current public liability insurance to the Bookings Office on an annual basis or upon request. 

22. Child Safe Environments  

Where applicable, the hirer must comply with the Child Protection Act 1993.  

23. Dispute resolution 

Any dispute or difference whatsoever arising out of, or in connection with this agreement shall in the first instance attempt to be resolved by a mutual meeting of the parties’ official representatives.  In the event that the issue cannot be resolved within 14 days the matter shall be referred to AU Sport Management.  

Field Hire Requirements 

The following terms and conditions relate to field hire.  

Any changes to line markings requested in the AU Sport Facility Booking Enquiry Form must be completed 10 days before the event. Any additional costs charged to AU Sport will be the sole responsibility of the hirer.  

The repair cost of any damage to fields caused by the hirer (outside of reasonable and expected wear and tear) shall be taken from the hirer’s bond, or be invoiced to the hirer.  


Graduates Hire Requirements 

The following terms and conditions relate to hire of the Graduates facility.  

Unless hired by an AU Sport Club listed on the Adelaide University Graduates Memorandum of Understanding (the user group), alcohol cannot be served.  

Graduates Clubhouse is under 24/7 surveillance.  

Parking of any vehicle on parklands without a valid permit is not permissible. Failure to comply with this and other parking regulations are grounds to be issued a parking infringement from the Adelaide City Council.  


Club Morgan Hire 

The following terms and conditions relate to hire of Club Morgan.  

Additional key information  

Shack keys shall be returned to the AU Sport office during business hours early in the following week.  

A key deposit of $20 will be collected. This will be refunded on return of the keys, completed checklists and site instructions. 


The state of the property will be agreed to be the state of the property at the time of the last AU Waterski Club committee member visited the property. If upon arrival you find that there is damage due to natural events, vandalism etc., inform either the AU Waterski Club contact person (advised at the time of booking) or the AU Sport office as soon as practicable (provide images where possible). Otherwise it will be assumed the hirer is responsible for the damage. Should you cause any damage to the facility during your stay, please report it to ensure it can be repaired. You may be invoiced to cover the cost of any damages incurred if costs exceed the bond paid.  

Rubbish and Recycling 

Rubbish needs to be collected and disposed of at the bins on Thamm road. There is a plastic storage container which can be used to collect recyclable items (cardboard, tins, milk cartons) – these need to be taken back to Adelaide for recycling. There is a bin for collecting empty bottles and cans (10c refund items). These should be stacked and placed in crates with all the other ones outside the small shed.  

Any rubbish left may result in loss of bond to cover it’s removal.  


On departure please ensure the shack and surrounds are left as it was found. The interior of the shack needs to be cleaned and packed up as per the checklist provided. Please ensure all appliances are switched off, main power switch under the stairs is switched off, all windows and curtains are closed and the shack and gate are locked before you depart. As above, please take rubbish with you for disposing in the bins on Thamm road. pack up checklist here

Additional requirements and information to be observed by the hirer  

The hirer must supply bed sheets, quilts/blankets/sleeping bags, pillows, pillowcases, towels and the like – these are not provided. 

Water from the taps is river water and not for drinking. Guests will need to bring drinking water – it is not provided. 

Hiring of the property does not include access to any AUWSC equipment or property. 

You are expected to provide general security in and around the property during the period of hire. 

Please ensure that if you must smoke you do so outside of the shack and well away from the sheds and dispose of cigarette butts.  

Do not light a camp fire when there is a fire ban in place (look it up at www.cfs.sa.gov.au) or if the conditions are windy and/or hot and dry. If there is NOT a fire ban, a campfire is allowed providing:  

  • the fire is in a 30 cm deep trench and no more than one square metre in area; 

  • you have a four-metre cleared space around and above the fire; 

  • a responsible person (over 18 and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol) is in attendance at all times with water and/or an extinguisher 

If in doubt, do not light a fire. 

Notify AU Sport of all breakages, damage, failure of electrical or plumbing equipment as soon as practicable. The cost of rectifying any such losses caused by AU Sport may be charged accordingly.  

Clean and pack up the site as per the checklist provided.  Leave the property in a neat and tidy manner - remove all rubbish, food and personal items. Wash and put away all dishes. You will be charged a cleaning fee if the property is not left in a clean, tidy, rubbish-free state. 

Securely lock the property at the time of departure. 

Do not speed in the Scotts Creek area. Speed limit is 30km/h – in the interests of safety and good relations with our neighbours, please observe this. 

Return keys and completed checklists to the AU Sport office during business hours early in the following week.  


AU Sport Club means a sporting club affiliated with AU Sport 

Community User means all those not a members of an AU Sport Club 

Single Hire means any person or group of persons who hires an AU Sport facility hired for a one off single date and time.   

Recurrent Hirers means any person or group of persons who hires an AU Sport facility for non-commercial or non-profit making purpose for more than one single date and time.