Marketing Resources

Marketing Resources

Brand Guidelines

We have been in the process of rebranding since late 2019. Our new brand celebrates our history while bringing our brand into the modern era of university sport and further aligns us with the University of Adelaide.

All clubs are required to transition to be in line with our 2021 Brand Guidelines. Our Brand Guidelines have been developed for the reference of affiliated clubs when designing club uniforms and merchandise.

Contact the Sports Office for queries and approvals. 

Club Marketing Platforms

Understanding what your club stands for, where it wants to go and how it will get there will help create a clear communication, brand and image for your club. By setting out marketing, brand and event strategies, you are one step closer to becoming a club that stands out from the crowd and will be on its way to being the dominant club in your community.

Social Media
Social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are a great way to promote your club and its activities but clubs do need to understand how social media activities can have a positive and negative impact on the club. Tips and guidelines on using social media can be found in the Adelaide University Sport Social Media Guidelines.
Club E-Newsletters
Are an important means of communication to club members and other interested parties; and can assist in the development of club culture. There are many free online tools such as ‘MailChimp’ that can help in the development of e-newsletters.

AU Sport E-Newsletter
Is developed monthly and includes clubs and organisation news, upcoming events and general interest stories. You can email your news and photos to Becchara Palmer.

On Dit
Is the student magazine and the editors are keen to include sports features and have recently appointed Belinda Rutherford as their Sports Editor. This is an ideal means of communicating with the University community. You can email the editors at
Student News
Is a weekly online newsletter emailed to all University of Adelaide students. Clubs are encouraged to submit news and upcoming events to Student News here.
Notice boards and brochure displays
There are a number of notice boards and brochure displays available around campuses and outside our office (Cloisters) and in the Fitness Hub.


Media Policy
Social Media Guidelines
Sports Community Social Media Check List