Marketing Tools Overview

Marketing Tools Overview

Defining Your Brand

Understanding what your club stands for, where it wants to go and how it will get there will help create a clear communication, brand and image for your club.

Key questions to ask yourself and of your club is:

  • Have you taken the time to think about the different communication elements of your club?

  • Who thinks of their club as a brand that needs to be managed?

  • Are your marketing and communication activities linked with your club’s overall goals?

  • Are you aware of the culture of your club?

  • Do you understand the different groups you are talking to (ie targetted audiences)?

It is important to work out this information as your communication will be more effective and have more impact. But how do you do this?

This section of the Blacks Clubhouse will provide you with information, links and resources to help you answer the above questions. By setting out marketing, brand and event strategies, you are one step closer to becoming a club that stands out from the crowd and will be on its way to being the dominant club in your community.