Risk Management Program

Risk Management Program

Risk management is a sign of a well-managed club

(Due 31 July each year)


A risk is defined as ‘anything untoward happening that can affect your organisation by creating exposure to potential loss or damage’.

In line with the AU Sport Risk Management Policy, AU Sport recognises that it is vital to have good risk management practices in place at both the Club and Association level. It is also acknowledged that no single plan and model will fit all AU Sport Clubs. For many AU Sport clubs, ‘risk management’ can be seen as a complex and overwhelming issue, especially those undertaking high-risk activities.

Key requirements for a successful risk management program at your club include: 

  • The Board/Committee accepts responsibility and undertakes a leadership role in the process

  • Commitment is gained from everyone at the club 

  • Sufficient resources are allocated

  • Risk management processes are documented

  • Education and training opportunities are provided

  • Monitoring and review mechanisms are in place

  • Periodical reporting to the Board/Committee on the status of the risk management plan occurs.

There are many areas where a risk can occur that can affect the success of a club - governance, financial, brand, member services, competition/activities, social events and facilities. The AU Sport Risk Management Program assists clubs to assess the likelihood of an incident occurring and how they can manage these risks. 

It is important that risk assessments are completed on a yearly basis and Club Administrators are required to complete a Risk Management Assessment, which includes an audit and action plan, and provide a copy of their documentation to AU Sport by 31 July. Clubs, which do not provide its Risk Management Assessment, will not have access to their Recurrent Grant Funding until the assessment has been provided to AU Sport.