Supporting Athletes to Reach their Goals

Sport is an integral part of student life at The University of Adelaide. Adelaide University (AU) Sport, in partnership The University of Adelaide and the People’s Choice Credit Union, proudly offer a number of sport scholarships along with an elite athlete support program to assist students to balance their studies and achieve success on and off the sports field. 

Are You Eligible? 

To apply for a scholarship, you must be an enrolled University of Adelaide student, be an active member of an AU Sport Club or in the case of a first-year student, looking to join an AU Sport Club. Each scholarship has specific terms and conditions which can be found here.

What Scholarships are Available? 

Charlie Jessop $2000

This scholarship is awarded in recognition of Charlie Jessop, an AU Sport life member who made significant contributions to the University of Adelaide, AU Sport & the Law faculty. The scholarship is awarded to a Law student, who not only excels in their chosen sport, but also gives valuable service to their AU Sport club.

Don Stranks $2000

This scholarship is dedicated to the late Professor Don Stranks, former Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President of the University and keen supporter of the Football and Cricket clubs. Applicants must excel in their chosen sport of Football or Cricket, but also give valuable service to either the Adelaide University Football or Cricket club. Applicants must be nominated by their clubs. 

Bob Heddle $2000 each 

In recognition of the many years of service and support given by Bob, who was Director of the University Health Service from 1964-1982.  During that time, Bob was a member of the University Council and the University Council representative on the AU Sport Board of Management. The scholarships are awarded on merit to unspecified sports and acknowledges the contribution to an Adelaide University Sport club. Scholarships are presented to two University of Adelaide students, who not only excel in their chosen sport but also give valuable service to their Adelaide University Sport club. 

Bill Scammell Sport Scholarship $2000

Named after a former Chancellor of the University of Adelaide and supporter of Adelaide University Sport, this scholarship is awarded to a University of Adelaide student, who may not necessarily excel in their chosen sport, but who contribute to the development of University sport in a significant way.  The contribution may be as an administrator, volunteer, or coach (for not less than three years). 

Adelaide University Sport President Scholarships $1000

Awarded to University of Adelaide students in their first year of study, as a financial incentive to join an Adelaide University Sport club. The scholarship holder must make himself/herself available for AU Sport club matches, including during University holidays, unless special permission is granted by the club and Adelaide University Sport.  The holder may not play for any other club, on loan or temporary transfer, during the three years of the scholarship.  President's scholarships are payable mid-year to assist with the payment of compulsory fees, textbooks and sporting equipment, as well as the payment of the athlete’s club membership fees for up to three years.

People's Choice Scholarships $1000 each 

Women in Sport, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Athlete, Athlete with a Disability Scholarship
AU Sport prides itself on providing sport and recreation opportunities for all students and the People’s Choice Credit Union scholarships are designed to support our focus on inclusion.

Application Open and Close Dates 

Applications open February 3, 2021 and close March 12, 2021 - scholarships are now closed.

How to Apply

Once you have confirmed your eligibility and acceptance of the terms and conditions, the scholarship application form can be found here

You will need the following supporting documentation:

  • Your transcript or University of Adelaide enrolment confirmation
  • Contact information and in some cases a letter of support from a sport reference
  • A profile and sporting photograph
  • Evidence of sporting achievements and awards referenced in your application.

Upon submission, you will receive an email to confirm your submission has been received.

For those applying for the Don Stranks Scholarship, please consult your club. Submissions are made by the club using the AUSF form provided to relevant clubs via email. 


Other Scholarships 


The University of Adelaide Sport $2500 

Provided by the University of Adelaide and open from to Mach 5 2021, the Scholarship is to benefit two students per year who are undertaking an Undergraduate or Honours program of study at the University of Adelaide and who have been identified by the University as members of the Sports Association.  The scholarship is available for one year. Applications can be made here

Max Weird Intervarsity Hockey Award $500

The Max Weird Intervarsity Hockey Award recognises the contribution of a hockey player who is active and involved in their club, University or Local Community and likely to contribute to the Adelaide University Hockey Club through their participation in the University Nationals. Refer to The Adelaide University Hockey Club for more information. 

Chester Bennett Scholarship 

The chester Bennett Scholarship is awarded to an Adelaide University Cricket Club player and University undergraduate with potential to play at the highest level. The scholarship includes a cash amount to assist with the cost of equipment, club membership fees, club kit/uniform. The scholarship also covers the recipient's costs for attending the annual pre-season inter-varsity challenge held at the University of Queensland. 

Daniell Family and Swift Family Scholarship $500

Awarded to a player based on academic achievement, sporting participation and performance, leadership qualities, and extracurricular activities. Refer to The Adelaide University Volleyball Club for more information. 


Contact AU Sport for further information.   I   (08) 8313 5403