Sports Fund

Sports Fund

The new West Beach Recreation Hub will be the heart for thousands of athletes and supporters, but we need your support.



The West Beach facilities, play host to a number of Adelaide University Sport clubs including hockey, cricket, soccer, football, gliding, scuba and mountain and their visitors. These facilities do not currently support the range of clubs who use the grounds, with limited access to basic amenities. The development of the new facility will promote growth in sport, particularly for women, and will assist in increasing the number of sports that can utilise the facility throughout the year.

With your help, the facility will be complete and open for use from early 2021.

West Beach Upgrade


The $2.5M upgrade will create a multi-sport hub for competitive and recreational sports by developing:

  • Multipurpose clubroom and meeting facilities;
  • Kitchen;
  • Two sets of unisex change rooms;
  • New boat sheds;
  • Wet room and compressor room for SCUBA; 
  • Dedicated space for gliding flight simulation; and
  • Additional storage for cricket, soccer, hockey, SCUBA and gliding.

West Beach upgrade

Once the facility has been completed all donors who made a gift of $250 (or greater) to the West Beach Recreational Hub will be acknowledged on a honour board, which will be displayed in the entrance of the facility. 

In addition, all donors will be invited to an Open Day to view the new premises

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