Online Membership System

Online Membership System

The AU Sport website provides clubs with the opportunity to have an online club website hosted within the AU Sport website. Clubs are able to use the AU Sport website to promote club news, information and activities to current and prospective members.  The website also greatly assists those managing club memberships and finances as it has the capability to sell club memberships and products.
Features that the clubs can access via the website are -
The ‘Homepage’ is the place to:

  • Host general information about the club

  • Share important documents for club members' access

  • Add additional pages of content

  • Share news stories and event pages, which link to the AU Sport home page

  • Link to social media pages

  • Add photos

The ‘Club/Membership Management’ feature allows you to:

  • Store information about members

  • Create different ‘groups’ to manage members (i.e 2014 Winter, 2014 Summer)

  • Email and SMS members via the website

  • Gather additional information such as medical history, via the ‘forms’ feature

  • Store important club documents for club committee

  • Limit who can access and edit, the ‘back-end’ of the website

The Online Store feature allows you to:

  • Sell products, including club memberships, uniforms, pub crawl tops and event tickets

  • Link the AU Sport Membership products to Club Membership products

  • Email and SMS people who have purchased different products through the website

There are many benefits to using the online AU Sport system. Some of these benefits include time saving for those in management roles as all information is located in one place which assists with succession planning; there is online support from AU Sport staff and AU Sport absorbs all credit card fees. The main benefit, however, is that AU Sport is able to collect all of your membership data from the website and you do not have to provide us with up-to-date membership information or make separate Associate Fee payments each year.